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GSxtream Logo

I still like writing here way better than the likes of Facebook, Google+, or Twitter, so I think I may just post links back here when I want to share something.

I bought a 2012 Chevrolet Volt, this is the closest I could get to my grade-school dream of buying/leasing a GM EV1, I remember telling my mother once that I was going to get an EV1, she didn't doubt me or discourage me, my personality is sometimes incredibly driven, she figured if I meant it I'd do it. Well GM crushed the EV1s and terminated the program, but back in January I bought the closest thing that vehicle had to a successor.  I've owned 3 hybrids an '04 Toyota Prius, an '09 & '12 Honda Civic Hybrid. This Volt is the closest thing to a pure EV, and has none of the compromises of one, though it does have most of the compromises of hybrids. It needs an oil change every two years, and you need to fill it with gasoline.

The benefits outweigh the two negatives, I would love longer all electric range, but for my daily commute it works perfectly, I go ~84 miles round trip each day, rarely using gas, but I also don't need to figure out alternative transportation when I need to leave my EV range. I hope this vehicle has a successor when I'm ready for my next car.

I've got 5277 all electric miles on it now out of a total of 5661, and I've only burned 9.2 gallons of gas.

My day job is now Internet & Business Development Manager Jones Chevrolet, I love working with this family, and my coworkers, they're awesome. 

I don't think I mentioned it but my software development efforts are being funneled into my new company GSxtream, I launched this last year with Brad Stokes, right now I'm running it by myself and just re-did the logo

I'm working on a few projects under GSxtream with a few friends and I'm excited to share them with you, but the projects aren't ready to share with the world yet. We look forward to showing these programs off when they're ready.Kacey Green

Kacey Green
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