Computer Issues

This really sucks, HP has had my computer a tx2000 convertible tabletsince Friday the 27th and I have no real status updates from them other than the fact that they have received the system.  It took them 6 days just to get the box I was to send the computer in, to me. I called in a warranty claim because my HP Tablet PC was having two issues.  The first was that the system would periodically think that the pen was constantly clicking in random parts of the lower right hand corner of the screen when in laptop mode and plugged into AC power (not running off the battery).  The other issue was that the wireless communications module failed.  Wi-Fi was completely gone but Bluetooth would work most of the time.

Only 50.5 MPG today :'(

Today I had a big seven mile view of this. Yes that is 10 MPH showing on the speedometer and yes that is partially melted ice at the edge of the driver’s side wiper’s range.  I tried my best to practice traffic smoothing, basically adjusting your speed so that you don’t come to a stop in a traffic jam, I experienced moderate success and only had to stop 4 times in the whole seven miles, each stop less than ten seconds in duration.  I had forgotten to compensate for the cold engine’s higher idle speed, and didn’t anticipate the amount of people jumping off of each on-ramp.

9 tenths of a cent per gallon

Continuing my posts about fuel stations today

Nearly every fuel station charges us a stupidity tax. Why must we pay an extra penny for every gallon we buy? The industry is not fooling anyone and the practice is so engrained in our culture we do not even mention the .009 when we discuss gas prices we just mention the numbers in the larger print on the signs.  I know there are reasons for why things are the way we see them today.

I know this sick twisted tradition dates back to when a penny was worth something significant on its own in the 1920s.  Eighty-Eight years later, we do not receive any savings off this practice.  Let’s get into the 21st century here; the stock market did it with their switch to decimals from fractions.  The other argument is the federal gas tax is currently 18.4 cents on every gallon, my sales tax on all other goods is often fractional too, say 6.5% or 7.xx% whatever when everything gets totaled up the final price is rounded up one penny.  Gas purchases can be computed the same way, say the gas tax is half a percent; it really comes out that low at current prices. Multiply my whole tank by the .5% tax and round up to the nearest penny, I would even vote for a tax increase if it were actually going to improving the road system, maintaining the roads and improving congestion.

This has to stop, just because we have done something since the 1920s does not make it the best way to do things. There was a CITGO station in Gainesville that regularly didn't charge the "we're sticking it to you because we can fee" whenever they were not charging the extra penny I would fill up even if I didn't need to, to support the practice (rewarding good behavior they were .009 cheaper than the Shell station next door).  The only reason I stopped shopping them was their lack of top tier certification at the time.

Am I going to write my congressional representative or do anything about it?  No unless enough of you want to, not a fight I am getting into by myself.  I am just going to stop using gasoline eventually and switch to a battery electric vehicle.

Kacey Green
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