Cars and Coffee Charlotte Motor Speedway March 16th, 2019

I met up with some Charlotte Tesla Owners and we went to cars and coffee this weekend. It was the first one for the speedway, they were well organized and it was a fun experience. The Model Xs drew a crowd, that's tomorrow's video. 

My first collab video

My Burlington Supercharger review video is the first time I've collaborated with another YouTube creator. Brian from i1Tesla was there and we filmed a few videos and had a fun lunch. 

Model X Sun Visors

It took me from my first test drive of a Model X in 2016 until my car was under construction before I was aware the sun visors in Model X have side coverage (the driver's window).

Tesla tire pressure monitoring

I've had several questions regarding tire pressure on the Tesla vehicles they require higher pressure than ICE cars and most hybrids and other EVs. 

Tesla referral program, another early deadline

Tesla once again shortens the deadline for something related to the referral program. Select your prizes before the end of the month. Good idea to check your perks if you used someone's code before this time too, I suspect getting any errors fixed later will be difficult.

Changes in recent Tesla updates

Here I record all the notable changes I found in my last three updates. 2018.42, 2018.48 and 2018.49.20 (I don't call it out but the only changes in the last one is if autopilot fails to engage in normally will turn off cruise again where in on of the two mentioned it would just set cruise and still display the message that autopilot isn't engaged.) 

Tesla Defroster

The first time Tesla let me drive off in one of their Model X loaner vehicles a few years ago I had the hardest time clearing the windshield. It took forever because I was using the cold defrost in autumn. The indicators are now clearer but if you are borrowing the car or are new to it you might not realize how to get the heated defroster which is much faster.

Hopefully this video will help someone get their window defogged.